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With the explosion in social media, knowing how to interact and engage with customer is increasingly important. Check out these insights from our Social Media White paper.



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Watch how Yasser Hussein, part of the Operations Team in Erbil, grew his career at Aramex through his commitment to learning and self-improvement.

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As multinational companies and global investors seek new opportunities around the world, a lot of the smart money is heading to Africa. Here are some tips on how to join them. [Read More]






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Aramex & You: Meet Value Express

Our new service adds value and cost-effectiveness to your business.






You have been sending the same express heavy parcels from Dubai to Mumbai for years now - every Sunday, like clockwork. But then the financial crisis hit, and you were forced to reassess all of your business costs. You started to look for ways to trim the costs of your deliveries without sacrificing on the quality. In a time where every dollar counts, we introduce you to a new service: Value Express. 


With our new Value Express, you can now send and receive parcels within the Middle East and South Asia at affordable prices without sacrificing on the Aramex quality. We understood your changing business needs in light of the global recession, so we responded by introducing a new service.


Companies, especially SMEs, need reliable and cost-efficient delivery solutions to ensure their success when times get tough. After all, SMEs represent over 75 per cent of all business operations in the GCC. Globally, SMEs account for 99% of business numbers and around 45% of GDP.

But value doesn’t mean we cut on the bells and whistles. Value Express still offers all the best in Aramex services, including time-definite delivery, door-to-door transport, customs clearance and online track-and-trace tools. So give us a call or visit our website and meet the new Value Express. There is no need to be shy; Value Express is one contact worth fostering. 

For more information about Value Express, email us or visit


For a more economical way to send heavy packages between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, try Value Express. 



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