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By the Book: New Europe Transport and Haulage Rules

Savings and simplicity are at the heart of new Europe-wide regulations for transport and haulage firms.



 New Europe Rules



 If your business relies on European roads, things in the New Year might just be a little easier. New road transport regulations issued in early December by the European Commission have been designed to simplify and clarify the legal framework for all logistics and transport companies operating across the continent - some 900,000 undertakings every year. It’s a modernisation programme that is also expected to save €190 million a year in administrative costs.


The “road package” will harmonise rules across Europe, dealing in particular with codification and subsequent enforcement of trasnport rules. This covers harmonisation of cabotage rules, which concerns any transport of goods or passengers between two points in the same country. The package also includes the creation of a pan-European electronic database of transgressions by companies, with the most serious offenders being dealt penalties. Perhaps the most significant new rule, though, is the requirement of every transport company to appoint a transport manager responsible for respecting rules.


“We welcome the increased standards within the industry,” says Tommy Kelly, CEO of Aramex’s European operation. “Especially the creation of a pan European database of transgressions. We are working more and more with companies across Europe so standardising the rules creates more opportunities. Anything that portrays the industry in an unprofessional way must be dealt with.”


“This road package comes at a crucial time when the road transport industry needs clear and effective rules to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy,” says Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of transport. “The package balances the need for harmonised rules and free access to transport markets, and I firmly believe that these rules will bring about significant cost savings and provide a more equal playing field for all those involved in the industry.”