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Case Study: Citruss TV

When Citruss TV  approached Aramex in 2005 to outsource its logistics, customer service, and delivery needs,  the new partnership provided a prime example of how a third party logistics provider (3PL) can support the region’s leading home shopping network. We sat down with Michael Trueshcler, Managing Director of Citruss TV.






A few years ago, shopping via television was still a novel idea in the GCC or MENA - but Citruss TV is turning that novel idea into a mainstream one. Started during April 2005 in Dubai, the T.V. network has rapidly expanded its coverage to 80 million households via Nile Sat 11938 MHz V and its online site. The station caters to the luxury segment and the trend setters in the region, selling everything from exclusive jewelry from Lebanese singer Roula Saad to the latest fitness equipment. “We offer our viewers a variety of exclusive quality products that are not available in their marketplace and we deliver directly to their doorsteps,” Michael Trueschler, Managing Director of Citruss TV, commented. 


To deliver directly to their client’s doorstep, Citruss TV needed the help of an established logistics partner that could, among other things, handle Cash on Delivery (COD), provide integrated customer support, and provide scaled warehousing and logistics services. That is where the role of Aramex as a 3PL provider came in. “We are using Aramex's  know how and expertise to maximize our efficiency with the advantage of having only one strong partner who can offer the full range of needed services,” Trueschler continued.

The role of Aramex in this supply chain process is extensive - it starts from the first day as the viewer orders a product to the moment that product reaches his/her doorsteps. “We have worked together for 3 years now to form a strong call center with dedicated agents who give the best customer service to our callers. Together with Aramex we have worked to improve the call center efficiency continuously, and still do so,” Trueschler described the customer support section of this chain. 


COD, in which customers can pay at the time they receive their products, was also a critical service provided by Aramex which Citruss T.V. increasingly depended on. “Here we needed a partner that we could rely on, as handling cash is a very sensitive issue,” Trueschler concluded.


The Citruss TV business model has paid off, as the company posted a 35% increase in sales transactions in 2009. This result was even more impressive in a year where the retail industry has been hit hard by the global recession.  As Citruss TV looks to a future that seems increasingly bright for online and TV based retailers, logistics and transportation providers like Aramex will play an increasingly decisive role in facilitating these new business trends.   


Watch how Citruss TV provides a new way to shop.