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Aramex and You: Inbound Express

Can you imagine having the same control over your incoming shipments as you would with outgoing ones? Keep reading to find out how. For more details, check out our Inbound Express page.



Taking control of your imports and other inbound shipments is no easy task. Every month, your business require shipping from around the globe to your doorstep.

Aramex's Inbound Express offers exactly that – a simple, seamless international shipping service that enhances your relationship with your suppliers, wherever they are.

Aramex offers you simple shipping, one bill in local currency and, most importantly, one contact point to collect, ship and clear at customs before delivering the shipment to your address.


The process is as simple as the concept. Ask your local Aramex for an account number, if you don’t already have one, and simply pass this to your suppliers, who will then arrange all shipments through their nearest Aramex station.  Aramex will do the rest.


As with all Aramex services, Inbound Express offers email or SMS notification whenever a shipment is sent, and all packages can be tracked online.  For individuals or businesses seeking to coordinate shipments from across the globe, Inbound Express reduces costs, maximizes efficiency and saves you considerable time – every time you ship from overseas.


For more information about Inbound Express contact our offices or send us an email to




Are you planning on using our inbound Express? Do you have any questions on how it works? Is there some way we can improve it? Give us your thoughts.



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