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Changemakers: Aramex's Drive for Greener Fleets

From India to Dubai, a slew of initiatives by Aramex to cut emissions, introduce fuel-efficient cars, and utilize innovative delivery methods is proving that going green also makes business sense.  


Mumbai is a mega-city, a commercial hub with a population of 13.6 million and a mushrooming middle class - with increasing congestion, traffic jams, and pollution associated with rapid growth. For Aramex, introducing 14 battery-powered scooters to its logistics operations in Mumbai made a lot of sense. The company also switched its India fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CGN), which burns cleanly and produces lesser emission. The moves are part of Aramex’s ongoing goal to dramatically reduce its global carbon footprint, while improving delivery times and saving on its fuel bill.

It is merely the latest step in upgrading Aramex’s fleet, which has already included transforming 78 per cent of the fleet to low-emission vehicles – resulting in a 21 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. “Switching over to battery operated scooters within Mumbai is a pilot project which we plan to expand at a later stage, further demonstrating Aramex’s commitment to extending its corporate citizenship through its dedicated environmental initiatives,” said Percy Avari, Aramex’s Country Head in India.

“At Aramex, we remain committed to our long-term approach of becoming a carbon-neutral company. While this has always been a long-term goal for us, it is important that clear and tangible progress can be made on an annual basis.”

The company’s drive to zero-carbon vehicles has also translated into the introduction of hybrid vehicles – including hybrid cars in Amman, with hybrid bikes in Beirut and the conversion of half of the entire Egypt fleet to Compressed Natural Gas vehicles.