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Changemakers: Aramex's Drive for Greener Fleets Cont.

 Hybrid Bikes in Beirut Aramex courier in Dubai metro

   A hybrid bike in Beirut.                                               An Aramex courier on the Dubai Metro.

But its not merely about introducing fuel-efficient vehicles. In other parts of the globe, innovative delivery solutions have brought about decreased carbon footprints among other advantages. Take Dubai for example, which although not as congested as Mumbai, also faces its own traffic woes. Aramex instituted two methods to facilitate shipments; by getting onto the newly created Dubai Metro and utilizing the city’s extensive waterway systems. In the former, Aramex couriers relied on the new Dubai metro to jet from different parts of the city, while Aramex boats jetting through Dubai cut on emissions and ultimately, traffic.  The boat scheme got the attention of the city, which awarded Aramex with the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) in 2008.

Not only are such moves important in reducing carbon emissions, but in some cases, they also help decrease the delivery times and contribute to cost-savings.

"These kinds of initiatives are essential in decreasing our carbon foot prints and we are looking at integrating our environmental impact with the rest of our business performance,” says Raji Hattar, Aramex Chief Sustainability Officer. “For 2010, we will integrate our sustainability results and progress in the Annual Report - further highlighting the inseparable role of sustainability in our operations.”

The initiatives are all part of Aramex's hands-on activist approach, which incorporate environmental responsibility as a key part of how the company conducts its operations.