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Innovation 2.0: Customer Engagement Rediscovered

How do the traditional methods of customer interactions differ from social media? We highlight some of the key differences between the traditional methods and social media in the table below:



Traditional Methods

Social Media


One to One.

One on Many or Many to Many.


Variable. Takes time to connect to the customer.

Almost instant. Very quick response time.

Nature of Interactions

Impersonal and Corporate.

Personal and Casual.


Knowledge-Sharing among customers


Limited. Customers don’t interact with each other.


High. Questions and queries answered by other customers. Sharing of experiences is common.

Place of Interactions

Phone, email, and interpersonal.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Blogs. Places that customers are familiar with and are comfortable in.


Using social media was not exactly a groundbreaking concept, but an improvement that proved to be groundbreaking in its impact with tangible operational and financial benefits; and constituted a paradigm shift in how Aramex engages with its customers. This shift in service delivery was an innovation in its own right; pioneering a new role for social media in the Aramex communication model. Fast forward a year and half, and the company has instilled this “social media” mentality into its culture.  How? By rolling out internal blogging and micro-blogging tools across its global network, encouraging and training the frontlines and its people to use social media, instituting a top down approach where senior managers are heavily involved in social media and emulate this “Twitter” mentality, and by the day-to-day active engagement with stakeholders over these social channels.  Through these steps, of consistent improvement and reflective progress, an innovation in service-delivery was born.




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