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The Logic List: 6 useful tips for creating your brand cont.

5. Be strong and simple

Even though you should avoid being too general, getting too complex can also be a mistake – an unpronounceable name, a cluttered logo or a kaleidoscopic colour scheme. Endless controversies about how to say “Daewoo” might qualify as publicity in some marketers’ eyes, but in reality it’s not going to stick in people’s heads if they don’t know how the word is meant to sound. There was even a company who launched “Grappel” with a diametric mark over the “a” to show it should be “grape-l”. Terrible idea. Similarly, there’s a strong reason why Coke has done better than Pepsi – they are “red”, while Pepsi is “blue and red”. It creates instant brand recognition. Similarly, UPS “owns” brown, McDonalds the golden “M”. Simple, effective and instantly memorable.

6. Own a category

When launching a brand, it’s always better to try and differentiate yourself from the outset. The reason why any product or company was launched in the first place was that someone spotted a gap in the market, so let your brand reflect it. “The leading vitamin water” might place you at the head of a very small queue, but it inspires confidence, tells people what your product is and makes it very hard for others to enter the same market segment. And it is more convincing that trying to say you’re better than Evian.


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