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Welcome to the third issue of The Navigator, the electronic newsletter from Aramex. This month's issue takes a look at the emergence of e-commerce in the Middle East, introduces some ways to help you manage your data with InfoFort, highlights some useful tips to help you get the most from social media, and reflects on the essentials of customer service by an Aramex veteran.




Social media is the phrase set to dominate marketing and PR discussions for the next decade. Is your company getting the most from its Facebook page? [Read More]




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Watch how Yasser Hussein, part of the Operations Team in Erbil, grew his career at Aramex through his commitment to learning and self-improvement.

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As multinational companies and global investors seek new opportunities around the world, a lot of the smart money is heading to Africa. Here are some tips on how to join them. [Read More]






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On Track: Buying Power - The Logistics of E-Commerce

E-commerce might be the future of retail, but it requires trusted, efficient and comprehensive logistics solutions to deliver on the promise to the consumer. We look at the emergence of e-commerce in the Middle East and how Aramex is helping a new generation of retailers fulfill their customers' needs. [Read more] 


Your Business: Managing Your Data

Case Study: A Life of Customer Service

Keeping your data secure and accessible is increasingly seen as a priority for most companies – here are solutions to help you take care of your most important asset. [Read More]

Being flexible to a customer's needs is an essential element of any company's success. We sit down with an Aramex veteran to discuss stories and similar lessons from 23 years of service.  [Read More]


Aramex 2010 second quarter net profit up 10%  
Aramex reported net profits of AED 55 million, a 10% increase over the AED 50 million posted in the corresponding period of 2009. Net profits for the first half of 2010....... [Read More]

Aramex awarded contract with Dutch Military
Aramex announced today that it will provide ground transportation services across Europe as part of a two year contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defense.....[Read More]

EMS to enable new Aramex properties achieve LEED silver certifications
Energy Management Solutions (EMS) today announced it will work with Aramex to achieve silver green building rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design....[Read More]

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Godin's book is a set of irreverent but insightful marketing thoughts, ideas and challenges. [Read More]



Sustainability Report    2009

Read Aramex's third sustainability report - highlighting commitments and achievements for 2009 and visit our interactive sustainability microsite. [Read More]

By the Book

We look at how the UN sanctions placed against Iran have impacted the region’s logistics providers, as trade is curtailed and a new set of rules, regulations and restrictions are introduced against trade with the country. [Read More]




    Explore The Explorer: Drawing Strength

Suleiman al-Bakhit is a young Jordanian entrepreneur who is blending empowerment and attitude with his range of comic books, online games and animated cartoons. [Read More]