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Your Business: Managing Your Data




It’s a scenario familiar to many managers. A proposal is required, an HR issue needs to be resolved or a contract needs to be signed, and the company’s previous history is locked away in box files, poorly labeled or badly organized, and the office manager who created them has long-since left. A company’s organizational memory can often be one of its most important assets, but that vital experience is useless if it cannot be efficiently located – winning an account or delivering the best solution shouldn’t be hampered by something as rudimentary as good filing. Access to information has never been more important.


With businesses generating more and more information and in a wider range of formats, it’s perhaps no surprise that the management of documents, both physical and electronic, is something they are increasingly seeking to outsource. Specialist providers are emerging in the Middle East market to capture, organize and store a company’s data.


InfoFort, which was acquired by Aramex in 2005, is one such provider. They are specialized in record and information management, and are at the forefront of developing secure, innovative and specially-tailored solutions for the varying document management needs of a wide range of industries. A company will generate or receive information on paper, by e-mail, or through a host of software formats such as PDF, Word or Excel, or media such as DVD, tape, hard drives, servers and these days cloud networks, and InfoFort is a market leader in archiving each. InfoFort utilizes its state-of-the-art, temperature controlled multipurpose records and information storage and management centers that are located across the GCC, Levant and North Africa. 


InfoFort offers a full service solution; from the basic collection and storage of box files, which can be delivered back to the client company on request or even shredded, to the most up-to-date methods of electronic back-up and management. Files can be can be scanned, converted into readable formats such as PDF, TIFF, CAD, Microfilm, Microfiche and archived, while media files can be constantly backed-up in a process called “media rotation”, which determines which data needs to be stored, backed-up and kept on a daily basis.


In addition to its storage and archiving capabilities, InfoFort provides consultancy services to determine every client’s precise requirements – all designed to ensure security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance and business continuity. "Companies in the region are becoming increasingly sophisticated,” said Abed Shaheen, Managing Director of InfoFort. “We are ideally placed to help them manage the growing complexity of their business and protect their confidentiality in a highly safe and secure environment.”


Visit the InfoFort website or email us to learn more.


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