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Case Study: Varant Sobonjian

Aramex Veteran Varant Sabonjian looks back at his time in Heathrow Airport Station, chronicling some of the the moments that defined his career and interactions with customers.


 Varant Sabonjian is no stranger to logistics and transportation; the Aramex veteran and “Sales-Business Development Manager” has served at Heathrow Station for the last 22 years and 10 months. “I joined Aramex on Sept 14th, 1987 and I still remember that day. We were a tight-knit team of four in a small office in the Cargo section at Heathrow Airport. All of our customers at that time were wholesale, other courier and freight companies. We were very much a Business-to-Business enterprise back then.”


The Heathrow office was part of a growing network of locations, called Aramex stations, established around the world to increase the company’s presence and reach. When Varant joined Aramex in 1987, the company was a mere 5 years old. At the time, Aramex was a part of a small handful of companies that served the Middle East, a region considered too small for many logistics and transportation companies. Aramex had started to expand in Middle East and Europe and Sabonjian had come at a time when the company was expanding its customer base.

Aramex has changed fundamentally since 1987. Today, there are over 300 Aramex offices in 58 countries and 200 major cities worldwide. The network is continuously growing and expanding.


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