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Watch how Yasser Hussein, part of the Operations Team in Erbil, grew his career at Aramex through his commitment to learning and self-improvement.

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Case Study: Varant Sobinjian

“Over the years, we focused on building lasting relationships with our customers,” Sabonjian reiterates. “We had good knowledge of delivering throughout the Middle East, and we were flexible to our customers' needs. This helped us build a number of loyal and committed customers who still use Aramex for their daily express and freight products. Some of those customers included the likes of I.C.C , May couriers, Special International, Reflex couriers, O.C.S , Impulse couriers, Bank of Jordan, Arab Bank, National Bank of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Arab Bank, U.A.E Embassy, Beirut Riyadh Bank and many more.”

But being part of the Aramex family was not strictly about work."One memory I remember very well was when Aramex sponsored the Paul Stewart Racing Team (Formula 3000) in early 1990's. Paul was the son of the great Jackie Stewart,  the Formula 1 racing driver. We were invited to the Donington Park racing track to watch the race and enjoy the company of both drivers and Sir Jackie Stewart himself. It was a fantastic event and we had a great day.”

In July 2010, Varant Sabonjian retired from Aramex. “When I joined Aramex, I felt like I had joined a family, and during my time at Aramex I made a lot of good friends from various countries. Leaving is painful, and I wish Aramex all the best for the future.”


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