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The Logic List: How to get the most from social media

A well-crafted marketing strategy simply must include a provision for social media. Its instant nature, direct contact with customers and potential for interaction render it an essential part of any company’s communication tools. Here are six ways to optimize your use of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to ensure your message is heard.

1. Operate out of necessity

First and foremost, don’t invent reasons to use social media. At its best, it can function as a swift, interactive communication channel; at its worst, it can simply be a noisy distraction. If crafting meaningful videos isn’t a part of your regular marketing strategy, don’t add a YouTube channel just to have a YouTube channel. Similarly, a Twitter channel might risk being stagnant or redundant if your company doesn’t have daily developments to share, or people with interesting thoughts or insights that can benefit your customers.

2. Be precise


Don’t settle for vague truisms in your messages. Strive to create tangible value for your audience by linking to relevant content and using concise descriptions that highlight an article’s astute observation, timely nature or key finding. Consistently offering valuable insight in a sea of babble sets you apart.


3. Be consistent


Although your audience may default to using casual language on channels like Twitter and Facebook, don’t fall prey to thinking that mimicking their style will garner pageviews, likes, or followers. If the rest of your marketing materials project a professional tone, maintain that tone in your social media to retain your brand integrity. Try to incorporate a middle ground between your company's tonality and the more casual elements of social media. 


4. Keep a balance of content


While your social media marketing strategy should involve creating value by showcasing relevant content on the web, don’t overemphasize this element at the expense of your own promotion. Strive to keep a balance between links and promotional missives that highlight new elements of your company or website, new events, or original thoughts that speak to the interests of your company. Again, the more specific the better. Remind your audience of the values that you stand for.


5. Don’t overdo it


This is simple: don’t spam your users. Nothing will turn a consumer off more quickly than having too many of your messages flooding their Facebook or Twitter stream. No matter how interesting your content is, sending too much too quickly will deafen your audience and render it meaningless.


6. Respond to your audience promptly


Once your channel is up and running, and you have successfully gained a set of followers and commenters, be sure to respond. Encourage your audience by sustaining dialogue, especially if you operate in the services industry. Quick timing is key: soliciting feedback and responding immediately to casual customer complaints can set you apart. For media companies, responding to queries can keep followers loyal and even competitive in their desire to belong and be heard. Keep your own voice active, and also stay vigilant to protect your channel from inappropriate users.


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