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New regulations cont...

Yet abiding by this list is more challenging than it seems. One of the sanctions prohibits any business dealings with Irano Hind Shipping and South Shipping Line Iran (IRISL) or any affiliates, including the Belgian-based IRISL Benelux. However, many of these affiliates, according to a New York Times report of June 7th this year, have changed their names to bypass the regulations, while the report also suggests IRISL has even changed the names of the boats in its fleet, making compliance even more difficult for local firms.

That said, the restrictions on logistics services providers will only increase. More red tape, such as checking the nature of shipments as well as the provenance of ships, will slow the transit of goods now. The sanctions on Iran are, after all, meant to limit trade – at both ends of the equation. It seems unlikely that the Arabian dhows destined for Iran are scheduled to set sail anytime soon.




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