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On Track: Buying power - The Logistics of E-commerce Cont...


“In addition to our integrated logistics solutions, we have extensive experience in the region when it comes to facilitating online retail and we can lend that expertise to e-commerce entities,” comments Hassan Mikail, Regional Manager, E-Commerce Services. “We let them focus on their front end and we will do everything else - from order-processing to customer service, to call-taking, effective delivery and collecting the cash.”

It’s not just consumer traffic that Aramex is trying to develop. The company is also the co-creator, with Dubai Customs and Emirates Airlines, of a new “e-freight” paperless cargo system in Dubai, which will speed regional trade by enabling cargo operators, airlines and customs officials to exchange the required documents electronically. It’s all part of a drive to match the potential of regional trade with the power of the internet. With online retail gaining ground in the Middle East and companies like Aramex facilitating the e-commerce process, it is only a matter of time before shopping online for most people in the region becomes as natural as going to the mall.



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