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Power up your store or site with Aramex’s APIs

Our e-commerce APIs help you transfer shipment information easily to Aramex; allowing you and your customers to know exactly where each shipment is.

So you have taken the first steps towards your e-commerce site or store; your website is up, the inventory is decided, your unique selling preposition has been set, and your customers are one mouse-click away. The question is: How do you ship your inventory to your customers, and how do you keep track of these shipments?

Aramex has built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can hook up your website’s interface with our shipping and tracking systems. With a piece of code and a little bit of help, you and your customers can keep track of every shipment that is processed through your site. So how does it work?

(Please Note: You still need to contact Aramex so we can help you set up an effective delivery/tracking system. Please contact us at ecommerce@aramex.com).

Ok lets us imagine for a second that you have an e-store that sells electronics to customers. A visitor is shopping for a new slick smart-phone, and a special deal catches his eye on your front page. He decides on the purchase, chooses Cash on Delivery (a service that Aramex provides where a customer can pay cash when he/she receives his/her goods) and the payment is processed. There are three ways that you can fulfill this order as shown below; the product is in your inventory, your inventory is stored in our warehouses, or the product is with a third-party supplier.


The location of the product will determine the pickup point, and the customer's address will determine the ultimate destination. Now, that the order has gone through, there are two APIs, one automatic and one manual, to submit this shipping request and help you and your customer keep track of the shipment.

In the first way above, we give a stack of electronic airway bill numbers which you can assign each transaction to, and then you can send us the air waybill numbers in an XML format. We call this system InfoLink ( Click here to read all the technical details).





In the second way above, your system sends us the order and address information via HTTP, and we send you a confirmation, a tracking number (also known as the air waybill number) that your customers can use, and a link that you use to print the shipping label for the piece you are sending (Click here for the technical details).

In either case, you send the tracking number to the customer, so he/she knows exactly where the shipment is, at all the stages of the fulfillment process. The phone is delivered and another customer is satisfied.

Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg of some of the solutions that we have for e-commerce sites or stores. So call us or email us, so we can come up with a solution that works for your business.

Next Issue: Stay tuned for the new version of our APIs - easier, more flexible, and with more options!

(Please Note: You still need to contact Aramex so we can help you set up an effective delivery/tracking system. Please contact us at ecommerce@aramex.com).


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