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Case Study: A Healthy Delivery with Daman



Health Insurance is a booming market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with impressive growth rates. An Arabian Business report showed a 28% growth of premiums in 2009.


According to the report, among the insurance classes, health insurance has the best growth prospects, as governments are expanding mandatory insurance for expatriates and, in some cases, even for nationals. Leading the drive to deliver quality health insurance products in the UAE is Daman, with over 2 million subscribers in the region and a whopping market share in Abu Dhabi of around 85%! We sat down with Peter Bauer, Chief Services Officer at Daman, to find out about the company’s logistics and transportation needs, and its continuous quest for world class services and affordable quality solutions.  


1.    What Logistics/Transportation/IT needs Daman currently have?


Daman is managing thiqa, the health insurance program for UAE nationals initiated by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD). In turn, Daman distributes thiqa packages, on an annual basis, to more than 500,000 members under this program. The thiqa packages include various items, such as the health insurance card, member guide and other policy documents.

Aramex delivers health solutions


Ensuring that these packages are delivered to each thiqa member before the expiry of their respective policy while ensuring ensure Daman’s members’ satisfaction is the main challenge. In addition to the annual thiqa packages distributed to all members, Daman supports many initiatives by HAAD. One of which is the distribution of the medical screening results to specific thiqa members. In 2010, Daman had distributed the medical results to approximately 120,000 members.


As a result, Daman requires a logistics and transportation service provider that would ensure a smooth, accurate and timely distribution across the country, in order to reach all members in the UAE. We found that partner with Aramex.


2.    Why did Daman choose Aramex?


Aramex has been selected as a valued partner to Daman due to its efficiency and strong geographical presence in the region. Being able to depend on one partner that will guarantee a smooth and timely distribution is the key factor behind Daman’s choice.


3.    What is the most important value that Aramex delivers to Daman?


Confidentiality and discreetness is an important part of our business. An interesting story took place last year as Daman was distributing the medical screening results to thiqa members, through Aramex. One of Daman’s managers received a call from a family member, who happens to be a thiqa card holder that had to undergo the medical screening and was expecting his medical results to be delivered to him at the time. The thiqa member mentioned that the courier agent had contacted him, and read out the medical results over the phone rather than delivering the actual report.


Only naturally, there was a huge investigation by Aramex, once the incident was reported by Daman. Aramex then had portrayed great cooperation and concern, whereby they had taken all the necessary measures to regain Daman’s trust and to ensure that nothing of the sort would result again. A month later, the issue was thoroughly investigated and resolved with utmost transparency.  Aramex’s insistence on confidentiality and flexibility to continuously improve has made our relationships flourish these past few years.  


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