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On Track: Gateway to the growth of e-commerce cont...

 Garnering trust may be the most critical step for building an e-commerce business, as Ronaldo Mouchawar, the Managing Partner of Souq.com. “[E-commerce] is about trust and confidence in the applications,” he told City 7 news programme. “When you have a marketplace such as Souq, the trust level is a bit higher. One issue in the UAE is, for example, the use of credit cards over the internet – yet technology today allows us to perform these type of transactions.”

Aramex, who helped develop Souq.com’s payment service, has acknowledged this critical need for reliable payment and logistics services. They have now created Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help e-commerce startups leverage the company’s dependable shipping and tracking services and partnered with leading organizations to create new services for estores (we will unveil new solutions for ecommerce sites in the next issue). While Aramex has long worked to support e-commerce by offering warehousing facilities, customs clearance services, and e-payment options to over 75 e-commerce providers throughout the region, its new APIs are designed to further enhance ease of business by allowing merchant websites to connect with its trusted supply chain.


Aramex’s ability to facilitate e-commerce by providing comprehensive services, from order-processing to delivery and payment, is one that any company entering the online retail space can consider in order to leap the hurdle of earning consumer trust.  As Saeid Hejazi, the founder and managing director of UAE-based e-commerce company Nahel.com attested to Arabian Supply Chain, “Aramex sees e-commerce as the future and realises that major changes will have to be made in order to make it a reality. When working with your key supplier – your logistics company – its imperative that both parties see the big picture, understand the bumpy road ahead, and are willing to try new innovative ways to get ahead.”



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