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In this issue of the Navigator, we look at the evolving realities in the Middle East, presenting comprehensive solutions from Aramex that will help you expand your business in the region, new emerging opportunities, a book on innovation, and a look at our latest e-commerce survey in the region. 




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Watch how Yasser Hussein, part of the Operations Team in Erbil, grew his career at Aramex through his commitment to learning and self-improvement.

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As multinational companies and global investors seek new opportunities around the world, a lot of the smart money is heading to Africa. Here are some tips on how to join them. [Read More]






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 Your Business: Empower your business with Aramex

The Middle East is proving to be a prime location for investment, business expansion and entrepreneurial activity. Aramex's key business services can help any new venture prosper in this most dynamic of business environments. [Read more] 


Infofort: Are your documents safe from Wikileaks, Tsunamis or Revolutions?

Case Study: Optimizing your Sales Team 

The successful and secure collection, storage and retrieval of information is becoming an increasingly important component of modern-day business in an increasingly uncertain world! [Read More]

We sit down with Peter Heredia, MaxSale Founder and Managing Director to ask him about his thoughts on increasing sales and Maxsale’s innovative approach. [Read More]


Aramex second quarter revenues up by 16% 
Aramex (DFM: ARMX), the global logistics and transportation solutions provider, today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2011, reflecting a healthy increase in revenues and net profits despite continued instability in a number of its markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.....[Read More]

InfoFort showcases its secure "government-to-citizen" solutions at Kingdom eGovernment Summit 2011
InfoFort, an Aramex company and the leading records and information management solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa, sponsored the Kingdom eGovernment Summit 2011 held in Riyadh this year.. [Read More]

Aramex's Fadi Ghandour: Unrest Demonstrates Why It Is Important for Arab Entrepreneurs to Build New Ventures
Fadi Ghandour, CEO of Aramex, talks about how the recent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa outlines the need to promote entrepreneurship and enable an ecosystem of innovation. .......[Read More]

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This book by Jeffrey Dyer seeks to instill the basic tools of better idea generation in today's manager. [Read More]



As part of Aramex’s mission to promote the culture of sports and encourage local student development, Aramex is sponsoring marathon training for 5 teenage students selected from the Nareshwadi Learning Center in India Bombay. [Read More]

By the Book

The EU's new Entry Summary Declaration rules are placing new burdens on carriers shipping consignments in and out of European ports, with all documentation required to be complete before goods can proceed. [Read More]



    Explore The Explorer: Building Leadership outside the Office

For Aramex, leadership is about taking initiative, pushing ones’ personal limits, and exploring the unknown; and for one leader, that involved cycling in Jordan’s most grueling race. [Read More]






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