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Get Aramex's Solutions in Ghana

If you are sending shipments to Ghana, or if you are in Ghana, then we have great news for you. You can get Aramex's full range of transportation and logistics solutions in the country, from express solutions, to freight including sea, road, or air, and our integrated logistics solutions. In addition, get competitive International Express rates to and from Ghana - with the US, UK, China, Egypt, and Turkey.  

Send your packages to friends and family across the world, quickly, reliably, and at very competitive rates. So whether you are a business in Ghana looking to send business documents to the US or a business looking to import some things from China to Ghana, or perhaps you are an expat who needs to send your documents to friends or family, use Aramex International Express to fulfill these needs. Or if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution with a higher turn-around time, then use our freight solutions to send your shipments. Finally, maybe you are looking for comprehensive logistics solutions that includes storage, customs clearance, and handling for your business; either way Aramex delivers on your needs in Ghana.


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