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Kuwait Costs Count

New fees on all shipments into Kuwait will incur new charges for shippers.




In July this year, the Kuwait Customs Authority issued a new directive – number 94 – that places a stamp fee of 1 Kuwaiti Dinar (about US$3.60) on all incoming shipments undergoing clearance, or Tasfiya. This will affect all Aramex Express shipments, including all packages arriving to Shop and Ship customers in the country.

This new directive not only increases the cost of every package coming in to the country, there is also the likelihood of increased delays in the clearance process and subsequent arrival at their ultimate destination. This is, it should be noted, in addition to the 1KWD already charged on packages for customs. 

It is important to note that the new charges apply to every single package that is sent. It is advised that customers can save on the charges by grouping deliveries together in as few shipments as possible.

All Aramex customers in Kuwait wanting to know more about these charges, please contact us at kwi@shopandship.com