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E-commerce in Style: VanityisI.com is here


A new online boutique in the Middle East promises to set a new standard for custom design.


Fashion is a massive industry, especially in the Middle East. The Middle East fashion sector posted a 15% growth in 2010, according to a study conducted by the French Fashion University Esmod – Dubai. The same study estimated the Gulf clothing market at a cool $12 billion. And one thing driving that momentum is fashion lovers across the region. Fashionestas in the Middle East now have a new place to further develop this sense: VanityisI.com, the new online store for emerging fashion powered by Aramex.

VanityisI.com is a place where customers can browse and purchase the latest styles from the hottest up-and-coming designers, or some veteran designers that they already know. Whether its a unique winter coat to stand out among the crowd, or a summer dress to turn heads, VanityisI.com has it. 

But how does VanityisI work to deliver this? Behind the scenes is a complex logistics system that ensures inventory are kept in real time, orders are processed right away, and a payment gateway can process payments from Paypal, credit cards, or even Cash on Delivery, a solution from Aramex in which the payment is collected once the delivery is made.

But where the system really shines is in the returns systems. Customers have 30 days from date of purchase to request a return or an exchange, provided any tags it comes in are still intact and that the item is returned in exactly the same condition as it was received. This service attempted to tackle one of the greatest reasons for people’s reluctance to buy online according to Middle East Digital Consumer Survey Report which was held in 2011; the perceived inability to return items that they don’t want. Aramex's back-end ensures that this process goes smoothly, from integration of the pick-up of the product that needs to be returned to the final delivery back to the hub. All in all, the system works to make sure that fashionestas across the Middle East have access to the latest and most exclusive designs.