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Aramex Energizes your Business

With oil floating at historical highs, and the world's demand for energy increasing, the Oil and Gas industry seems to be in constant growth. Yet, the Oil and Gas industry has always faced a unique challenge in transporting its products. Companies are constantly trying to find the most cost effective option, whilst avoiding commercial and technical complications. This has never been more important, as European consumption of gas is estimated to increase by 50% through 2030, and China aims to increase overall usage from 4% to 7-8% by 2025. To avoid project delays and safety pitfalls, a systematic and structured approach is needed.  That is where Aramex comes in.


Aramex is extending its expertise into the transportation of Oil and Gas . How? By offering something that the Oil and Gas  industry depends on; customized solutions.Tailor-made solutions are make-or-break in this industry. Aramex’s regional distribution centers allow flexible and effective forward planning, whilst saving costs in all areas of transportation.


What does Aramex Offer?

Aramex’s portfolio contains a range of services, including Supply Chain Management and Supply-Base Logistics Management. The company helps create an efficient flow of staff and resources to production areas, mobilizing the right equipment for the job. Aramex’s global reach and vast experience in all facets of supply chain management make us the ideal choice for complex operations. In addition, we recognize that logistic support solutions are key element of the industry, and require precise benchmarks. We carry out careful assessments of both the quality of our services and the tangible impact on your business.


Health, Safety and the Environment

Aramex’s commitment to the environment is a key part of the company’s sustainability approach, particularly when it comes to the Oil and Gas industry. The company understands that Oil and Gas is a big contributor to environmental pollution, and so we are focused on minimizing our emissions and carbon footprint. We also take great measures to ensure our full compliance with all regional and local Health, Safety and Environment regulations. Our operations are careful to consider local communities, suppliers, and partners.

We are also proactive in our environmental initiatives. By implementing the United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) principles, environmental leadership has become a management imperative. In 2006 we were the first company in the region to publish a sustainability report. In 2010, we were leaders again, publishing an integrated report, which combined our financial and non-financial information. The key strategic role of sustainability underlines our business attitude, and supports our new venture into Oil and Gas transportation.


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