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Customs Related: Qatar

Qatar has recently introduced new restrictions on private imports into the Gulf state. To pass through processing and clearance, all packages entering the border now require a National ID or Passport number.


This caused some temporary delays to Aramex packages in February, as they were held at customs until the necessary details were obtained. Imports were affected across the board, with several other courier companies suffering similar delays in service. Throughout the hold-up, we aimed to keep customers updated through our Twitter account and Shop and Ship service.

At Aramex, we are trying to make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible. We want to incorporate the new regulations seamlessly into our service. Customers are invited to upload their details online to speed up the process and limit delays. Simply log in to your Shop and Ship profile, go to ‘Edit my Profile’ and then click on ‘Change any of the disabled details’. You can then provide an ID number, which will be securely stored for future transactions. This is especially important, because if the recipient does not have an ID or cannot provide one for whatever reason, the consignment will be abandoned at customs. As far as possible, we aim to continue the guarantees on our shipments and avoid any disruption to the service to Qatar. For further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at doh@shopandship.com.