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Are you thinking of opening an online store? After all, internet use in the Middle East is booming. There are now over 72.5 million internet users in the region, and this is only set to increase with the popularity of smart phones and tablets.  This translates into a phenomenal increase in online spending (see our visual on the right for more details.) With Aramex’s REDe Online Center, we can help you tap into this ever expanding opportunity in the Middle East.


There are some fundamental issues that have made it difficult for smaller businesses to launch an online service in the past. One of the key challenges has been the customer’s lack of trust in online payment. The MENA Digital Consumer Report has shown that this has severely limited e-commerce opportunities. 47% of those who do buy online use pre-paid cards, and services such as CashU and OneCard do help tackle this challenge, but more needs to be done. Another challenge is the logistical issue of getting products delivered to customers in the region with some bureaucracy on borders, especially land borders – which can be a test for small businesses.

The REDe Center offers you several solutions, including providing your business with platforms to launch an online operation for minimal costs.

We cover all aspects of          e-commerce under the REDe solutions center. The service contains full supply chain solutions, from storage of products to order fulfillment, making the process as easy as possible. Businesses will still be in control of their own operations and decisions. Our website uses the latest technologies, allowing the creation of personalized store fronts and individual commercial plans for each business.

We have introduced the REDe Online Center to also be attractive to potential customers. Businesses can manage their own operations, whilst customers are able to access new products through a trusted source, designed to increase consumer loyalty. Aramex’s established reputation can also help customers be less reluctant when it comes to transacting on the site.

Customers can buy online, and have packages delivered using the Aramex network. Their accounts have already been activated, and knowledge of how the website works builds up confidence. We also have a reliable support system on offer. It is simple, secure, quick, and efficient.

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