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By the Book: A look at the new Doha regulations

Effective 1st June, Qatar Customs Authority will process the clearance of Express and Air Cargo shipments through the electronic ‘Single Window’ system. For registration and any further information, Qatar importers can login to and authorize ‘Aramex’ as their nominated clearing agent. 

For a smooth clearance process, customers are requested to register immediately and to ensure proper documents are available to clear non-document shipments.

To ease the shipping process, we recommend that our customers include the following on their invoice:

1- The correct invoice value, specifying the currency and country of manufacture
2- Invoice must be on the supplier’s letterhead and not as Pro-forma invoice
3- Invoice number
4- Invoice must be typed and not hand written
5- The items’ Harmonized System Code
6- Clear description of goods
7- Consignee’s (recipient) full name and address