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Long-term vision: Magrabi Optical and Aramex

The demand for glasses, and sunglasses, whether for clinical or fashionable reasons is on the rise. In the Middle East, the ophthalmic and optical industry alone is estimated to be $2 billion in 2010, with impressive growth rates every year buoyed by a fast-growing population and hot climatic conditions that make protection of the eyes a key health issue. One of the companies that are leading that charge is Magrabi Optical, a Saudi-based company that is growing exponentially across the region. With a slogan “The vision deserves nothing less than perfection”, the company believes in the importance of the ultimate customer experience.

This commitment to quality and perfection is reflected in the company’s stores. With impeccably clean surfaces and clinical chic furniture, Magrabi delivers a luxury shopping experience. The sleek shelves hold a wide assortment of quality clinical spectacles, and frames from global brands like Tiffany, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, D & G and Oakley to name a few. Magrabi’s inventory of fashionable sunglasses also caters to the discerning client. To see this growth on the ground, it's worth taking a look at the company’s history.

Started in 1985 in Saudi Arabia with two stores, the company grew to 4 stores by 1990 and 26 stores in 2000. Magrabi today is a regional conglomerate with over 80 stores in Saudi Arabia, 43 stores in the Gulf, and 40 in other places across the world. Concurrently, the company also underwent technological developments including SAP systems implementation from 2007 to 2010. Behind this incredible growth, is a network of stores, and efficient logistics, which drives the company’s operations.

From international suppliers around the globe, Magrabi uses Aramex to ship glasses to its central warehouse in the UAE. From there, the products are shipped to country-wide warehouses, including in the KSA, Egypt, and other Gulf area storage facilities. At these warehouses, orders are taken to the local offices and stores in each geographical area, and are shipped to the final outlet. It doesn’t stop there, as customer returns and special requests require some reverse logistics, and the consolidation of glasses to the original warehouses.

But what is Aramex’s role in all of this complex system? Currently, Aramex handles all of Magrabi’s imports and exports into and from Egypt and GCC. Aramex also handles all the domestic shipments for Magrabi Emirates.

For Magrabi, these services translate into enhanced delivery times & same day delivery services, while taking advantage of Aramex’s cross - regional delivery service. For a company that is pushing for 1000 stores by 2018, and over one billion in revenues, these solutions are essential for insuring that glasses are delivered on time.