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Delivering Healthcare and Pharmaceutical in the Middle East


With doldrums coming from Europe, and a financial crisis in the horizons, there is one industry that seemingly stays above the fray regardless of the circumstances; healthcare. While the demand for other goods are elastic in the face of the ups and downs of the global economy, healthcare is always a growing industry, especially in a region that has seen  fundamental changes in dietary habits during the last few years.

The healthcare Industry in the MENA region is estimated to be close to $100 billion. According to Market Research, the GCC healthcare industry alone has witnessed a massive spurt in healthcare spend, expected to push the market to an estimated US$ 44 billion by 2015. But behind those number is an industry that requires a lot of support services, including logistics and transportation. Aramex currently works with 11 healthcare and pharmaceuticals companies that are listed in the Fortune 500 companies - including Pfizer, Abbot Laboratories, MSD (Merck & Co), Johnson & Johnson and Baxter.

But what does Aramex do exactly, and what can it provide for companies working in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries? Firstly,Aramex provides integrated logistics solutions throughout the region, leveraging our state-of-the art facilities and wide network of partners. Take for example, Aramex’s Facility In Dubai Logistics City (DLC). The facility is in a business-friendly zone nestled near Dubai World Central International Airport and is adjacent to the Jebel Ali Port and Duty-Free Zone. The facility has a total storage area of 72,000 m2 presented in 30,000 m2 open yard and a 42,000 m2 warehouse. Inside, In order to create a suitable environment for the storage of sensitive items, Aramex has dedicated almost 50% of the new facility to be temperature controlled. This means that the facility is set to handle temperature-sensitive items, with the temperature set in the range between 15- 20 C.

Secondly, Aramex provides an assortment of express and freight services.  From Dubai to Amman to London and Mumbai, the company delivers everything from medicines to laboratory samples using customized transportation solutions, via Sea, Air, and Land. These services are backed-up by various certifications around the globe. For example, Aramex in Ireland has got the Irish Medicine Board Certification for the storage and distribution of medicinal products.

Finally, one of the most important needs of this industry is customs clearance, as pharmaceuticals and medicines are sensitive items across borders and are regulated by national customs laws. Aramex leverages its contacts and experience in the region to navigate the complex, and quickly changing customs regulations, in diverse nations across the region. We help companies export sensitive items across borders, and we alert companies on any restrictions or constraints when it comes to certain items.

With solutions like these, and a wide network of partners, Aramex can take care of the logistics needs of  healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals providers, so they can in turn focus on the needs of their clients.

So no matter what happens in the future, the demand for quality healthcare and pharmaceutical will prevail. And Aramex will help deliver on some of that need.