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With the explosion in social media, knowing how to interact and engage with customer is increasingly important. Check out these insights from our Social Media White paper.


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Eavesdropping on customers with a purpose
 by Anwar Haddad and Shahira Koudsi

Imagine that you are a chef chosen by a friend to cater for his dinner party. Some of the guests are people you know, while most are strangers, and possibly other chefs. You might receive compliments on your cooking but few will share their honest opinion or criticisms since most keep it to themselves or share it with their friends.

How interesting would it be, if you can place microphones on conversations discussing your cooking, and hear everyone’s raw opinion on their favorite and hated dish? Wouldn’t it be useful to improve your cooking if you get everyone’s honest feedback so the next time you present, everything tastes and looks better?

Here comes the magic: Social media gives you that magical microphone where everyone’s opinion is available for you to understand and analyze. Through social media you are able to provide assistance, meet your advocates, befriend your critics, and improve your performance.

Millions are expressing their opinions on products and services online via Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and other review sites or social media channels. Our interest here is beyond those who are speaking directly to us seeking assistance or sharing their opinion, but in those who are sharing their honest opinion with their circle of online friends commending or criticizing our services, venting out on how we are serving them, providing us with the best feedback we need to improve; all of it free of charge!

At Aramex, those conversations are monitored every day. We provide assistance for those who connect with us directly on Twitter, Facebook and other channels. However, we eagerly listen to the other bunch of people who are happy, angry, lost, excited or confused with a service of ours.

Our analytics show that around 62% of people mentioning Aramex on Twitter were not directing the conversation to us (regardless of the content being relevant or not). And only around 60% of customer service issues we identified on Twitter were directed to us, the rest were people talking to each other. Eavesdropping on those indirect conversations for feedback and joining in to support with a “Hello! We are here” message, made a big difference to both the customers and us.

Customers are excited to see a brand connecting proactively with them. One customer‘s reaction to Aramex’s engagement was “You don’t have to look for them, they look for you”. That simply explains what we are doing; we are looking to help our customers wherever they are.   Customer Comment
In such a connected world, it is becoming more convenient for customers to send a tweet with an inquiry over the old fashioned email or phone call.

Social media has made it possible for us to listen to and analyze what is naturally being said about us, What some refer to as "Raw Market Research".

Even without joining in conversations, the feedback captured is reported to teams for immediate action. Strengths and spots needing improvements are
  Customer Comment

realized. And the long cycle of extensive research is instead a click away.

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