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With the explosion in social media, knowing how to interact and engage with customer is increasingly important. Check out these insights from our Social Media White paper.


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Logic List: Seven Tips for Customer Service on Social Media
Customer Service on Social Media
Managing customer satisfaction over social media has become the standard expectation for all businesses worldwide. Here are some great tips based from the Aramex Social Media White Paper to help your business engage with customers.  

  1. Act quickly
    One golden rule to always remember is the faster, the better. When using social media, one must reply quickly to any complaint. A negative occurrence in the online world can gather such momentum that any delay in response could cause serious backlash.

  2. Importance of localization
    This is especially crucial for companies providing services all around the world. Each country has its own language, behavioral standards and cultural norms. For effective intercultural communication to take place, companies need to be culturally aware and tolerant. For example, Aramex coordinates with its local stations operating worldwide to reply to customers in their language of choice.

  3. Train employees effectively
    Employees, particularly in the customer service team, need to respond effectively to customers; in essence the social media culture should be instilled in the company. Employees need to be technology savvy, avoid using jargon and reply in a friendly manner while still remaining professional. Anwar Haddad, the Customer Service Manager at Aramex, puts it best when he said that: "It is important to stay true to who we are and stick to our corporate culture, as transparency is key on the web. We provide employees with guidelines but also encourage them to go online and to speak in their own voice."

  4. Encourage feedback and suggestions
    This is important when there is a need for follow-up after addressing a complaint or a concern. This shows that the company cares about maintaining close relations with its customers. Companies may also use customer feedback to enhance their products and improve their existing services. One example is when Aramex expanded its Shop and Ship service for customers who wanted to shop for more affordable products not available in the US or Europe following interactions over social media.

  5. Determine the best channels and maintain their appearance
    Each company must decide on the best channel to have an effective social media presence.For example, find out what employees are already using or the company could start its own internal blog. Care needs to be taken of the appearance of the social media sites as it represents the image the company is trying to uphold. Creating a custom Twitter background and optimizing the Facebook page are some of the ways to achieve this.

  6. Promote other areas the company is involved in
    Social media is not just for answering complaints. Companies may also use these channels to promote other events or sustainability work they are taking part in.

  7. Evaluate
    From time to time, it is important to take a step back and evaluate the social media environment in use. Companies need to monitor all interactions and review how they were resolved, if at all. Was the team in charge of social media prompt and effective in their solutions? Did the team do everything it can to help the customer? What was the growth in followers or engagements at the end of the year. These KPIs must be tracked and evaluated constantly.